Archetypal Prostitute Workshop

Faith versus Fear is the essence of all encounters with the Prostitute energy—faith based on our experiences not on words spoken or taught. The energy of the shadow Prostitute archetype permeates our fear-based society. When we negotiate our power the Prostitute is immediately engaged, particularly when we feel our survival threatened.
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Everyone has a Prostitute archetype as we all have our fears and when left unchallenged we live in a fear based environment. The only thing that quells those fears is the knowledge that we manage but do not have control. Only through being aligned with the Universe can we come to a place of acceptance that there is a power greater than us that is actually leading us in our unfolding journey.

Mastering the energy of the Prostitute and bringing it forward in the upright is a personal as well as a planetary challenge.

  • Engage an in-depth process of working with the energy of your archetypal Prostitute in relation to its house.
  • Identify your dominate fears and challenge the choices you make when fear-driven.
  • Explore those areas where you have allowed faith to drive your actions with positive results.
  • Be aware of the energies of avoidance and taking shortcuts—the Prostitute is likely to be present.
  • Deepen your understanding of how the Prostitute archetype is currently playing out in your life.

Through teaching and a variety of exercises and writing, you will discover more of how this incredibly powerful archetype of the Prostitute is constantly present in your life.