Spiritual Parenting Workshop

Deepen your understanding of the sacred spiritual contract linking parent and child, the journey taken together, and how parent and child serve as each other's teachers.
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Look at yourself in your role of parent and what lessons exist for you within this holy relationship.

  • Explore our issues of control and lack of empowerment that affects our parenting.
  • Deepen communication techniques that empower both parent and child.
  • Create a structure of parenting that is both flexible and safe.
  • Explore means and methods to "live in the moment" and acknowledge our children as "live-in" teachers.
  • Nurturing the creative aspect from childhood to adulthood and maintaining and deepening your child's natural intuition.
  • Developing responsibility and the power of choice in the parent/child relationship.

Through presentation, meditations, discussion, practical exercises, and writing we will explore and expand the view of parenting and provide means to bring our own parenting into a fuller fruition.