Conscious Communication

A conscious communication is one in which we suspend judgment, become curious and genuinely engage in understanding another point of view.
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When we embrace conscious communication, we recognize that each person has an opportunity to be authentic in their communications. Conscious communications are real, direct, passionate, powerful and truthful. They are not weak, ingratiating, dull and without meaning. We wake up through our conscious communications.

  • Move from interpretation to understanding.
  • Take responsibility for your impact upon others.
  • Remember that the issues in your life are almost always about yourself, not others.
  • Learn to identify the conversations you are avoiding and move out of fear by engaging.
  • Embrace the idea that when we speak our truth and stay in our integrity only then can we be seen and known.
  • Learn the principles of conscious communication and engage your life fully and with empowerment for all.

The workshop will be a combination of lecture, discussion, exercises, writing and meditation.

Expand your life, one Conscious Communication at a time.