Personal guidance/counseling sessions are an integral part of my practice. I consider myself a spiritual guide more than anything else and within that framework, I do counsel and teach basic practices that will enhance the individual’s ability to bring more awareness into the situation and their role in whatever might be transpiring. Within these sessions we are invoking energy, and dealing with what is showing up in the client’s life at that moment. We are moving from a place of confidence that if we are invoking energy, then it will show up through our everyday life so our current presentations are key to healing ourselves.

Focusing on the journey of the individual soul, I bring in a “higher ground” perspective as to the lesson being learned by the client through whatever challenge is currently presenting in their lives.

This work always involves spiritual aspects of an individual’s situation and recognizes that we all serve as reflections to each other concerning what needs to be healed within us. We attract the energies that we need in order to grow, heal and evolve. Even though the “challenging person or situation” is examined, my counseling revolves around the client and the role they are playing within the presentation. The key is to look at what is happening rather than what is happening to me. Ultimately, only we can heal ourselves.

My strengths that enhance the personal guidance sessions include a strong intuitive nature, a high level of communication skills, insight that allows a potential paradigm shift, and an ability to readily connect with the energy that is being presented within each situation.

I always encourage the client to take responsibility for their own healing and growth, bringing forward the personal power of the individual. We must have personal power in order to heal.

If you would like information about scheduling a personal guidance/counseling session, please send an e-mail to the address below or call at the given number.