I offer small group classes/meetings on a regular basis, covering in more depth the same topics brought forward initially in the Workshops. In the small group work, we begin with a chakra meditation and a setting of intention, followed by an inspirational reading of some kind. Since we set an intention each week to have the Universe bring forward whatever is needed on the next step of our spiritual journey, we then have a sharing time where people bring forward their presentations since the last time we have met. This is a sacred space, just to be heard, not discussed by the group. That generally takes us to a short break and then we come back and have interactive homework. Each meeting homework is assigned and we then share and discuss the materials given. At the end of our time together, we gather in a circle setting an intention for the following meeting.

Sylvia with some of her group class students.

We are also then working on our individual spiritual tasks between sessions, developing a personal practice that will bring our systems into greater alignment, thus developing greater health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And always we are learning to live more and more in the moment, releasing projections and expectations as we grow into who we really are.

Small groups are a time of great sharing, intimacy, joy and growth. The small groups often go on for several years. The classes generally meet once a month for a period of three hours and seem to define themselves within each group as to how long they last.

The current classes I am offering are Victim/Storyteller and Sacred Contract. Basic workshops on those topics are required prior to enrolling in a class. Exceptions will be considered. Click above for additional information on each workshop or click here to send a message to me.